February 21, 2012

Two Months Into The New Year. Goals Update.

It's hard to believe that it's already been two months into the new year. Korey is growing MORE and MORE everyday. His new word it 'ki-tee', it's totally adorable to hear. Alas this is a post to check up on my goals. I shared my blogging goals earlier in the new year, curious as to see how I have been?

1. This is my google calendar. It really isn't organized yet how I want it to be. I started this at the beginning of the new year and I just added way to much and was driving myself crazy. You could say that this is used as my timer, I track myself and try my best to finish what I was doing in my allotted time. Again this is just my to do list really for the internet, if anything comes up with my son this doesn't matter. I am hoping this just allows me to spend less time doing nothing on the computer. 

2. I have been pitching so much better, especially after I hired Mariah from Formula Mom to do my media kit. Since using my media kit in emails I have no gotten a single no. Remember what you have to offer companies, if you can give them a quality review it does not matter about numbers. Professionalism is always needed in pitching and having a media kit adds so much more to your emails.

3. Healthy posts have been coming along greatly! You can find some of them here, here, and here. The recipes have not been great on here, I will admit that. My Chicken Slovakia and salad is really the only one that has been posted. The problem is that my boyfriend really hates measuring out things, so I need to be RIGHT on top of him when he is making food. The KFC chicken will be revisited and I am getting a list of recipes that I want to try together.

4. Korey posts have been neglected on here and I am trying to do better. Especially with his first birthday coming up!!!

5. I have a lot more interaction with readers and I love it. Please do not forget that I am looking to feature readers. Once I have three signed up I will start featuring. I would love to feature as many as possible, the only way to do that is for you to sign up!

How have your goals been?

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