January 25, 2012

Get Healthy with MEGAWay Shakes; Review

The number one thing that I am all about this year is health. I have done my best to try to make an overhaul of my eating habits, which are not pretty. Most people have already broken their New Years resolution, but I have done really good sticking at it, it's not easy at all. Saying goodbye to all fried fatty foods and chocolate is what some do, I am doing moderation. Luckily I was able to cut out some of the bad meals I almost had with MEGAWay shakes and Nature's Optimal Nutrition.

The founder of The Mega Way needed to get your life on a healthy track after being very ill. The Mega Way and Mega Shakes were born out of that need. These shakes have over 15 nutritional ingredients, and when combined with Nature's Optimal Nutrition liquid multivitamin, the benefits just keep getting better.

There are 10 body systems this meal replacement helps balance.
1. Digestive
2. Intestinal
3. Circulatory
4. Respiratory
5. Urinary
6. Glandular
7. Nervous
8. Structural
9. Immune
10. Emotional/ Mental

 I was provided with one weeks worth meal replacement shakes. When I read the letter that came with the shakes I was advised to try organic milk and 1 scoop of the shake at first. Well I did try the organic milk, for the first time and now I LOVE it, I forgot to use 1 scoop and had the taste full on. If you have never tried meal replacement shakes I highly advise you only use 1 scoop. My history with meal replacements is vast and I am use to the tastes and what to expect. You need to treat these as meals, they are not meant to drank easily and quickly, please take your time.

Now the taste of the shake says cocoa chocolate, but it was so much better to me! I really think it tasted like a mocha shake for the first few sips! I don't have a huge blender, it only makes drinks by the cup and I was able to fit everything in my cup. Now you may notice something at the bottom, I blended as best I could but there was some settling, I just used a stir stick as I drank.

Chia seeds are in the bottom and I was so excited for that. I have heard nothing but rave reviews about Chia seeds and how good they are for you and I am happy I finally got to try them, those will not blend away! 

Something that I think people may find it hard to believe but I am completely serious on, I really felt something working right away. I could just tell there was a difference going on inside me and I felt calm and at peace. 

The main ingredient in the shakes is organic whey protein concentrate. Many health experts have said that this is a huge benefit in helping to lose weight or burn fat. I am sure that you have heard or seen many different products with whey protein in them. This is a fantastic supplement and helps a great deal I believe!

Overall I was highly impressed with the taste of the shakes and the many benefits they offer. If you new years resolution was to get your health on track , I suggest you take a look at one weeks supply of MEGAWay  which you can get for $45 plus shipping. The taste of chocolate should be enough to help you want to lose a few pounds!

Thank you to the PR for allowing me to try a weeks supply of MEGAWay shakes. All my opinions are honest and I was not compensated in any other way.

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  1. Looks pretty good. I'll drink it if it taste good :) Thanks for sharing.