January 3, 2012

My Own Blogging Goals For 2012

These goals come second to my own personal ones that I will post at a later date.

1. Be WAY more organized. I am starting to use Google Docs and Calendar a lot more now already. Their there for me to use so what the heck! I hate realizing that I am late doing a giveaway or can't remember who I pitched to or winners. I want my posts to be done at least three days ahead of time. All that is going to be fixed this year.

2. Pitch better. Lately my pitches have been completely lame and I don't blame most people for not getting back to me. I have been sick and if I didn't feel up to writing it good I shouldn't have e-mailed them at all. I need to pitch with better conviction. After all when you are sending that pitch you're representing your blog and what you have to offer. If you don't even care at the time, do you really think they will when they read it? More pitches and more passion in the pitches this year!

3. Feature more of our recipes and more healthy posts. We had to treat ourselves to a new cookware set due to our old each one having Teflon in our food one day. For Christmas I also got a bunch of stuff for baking and cooking so they need to be used! One of my personal goals is to be more healthy this year so in my eyes if I am not showcasing that on my blog then it will problem not happen in my real life.

4. More posts about Korey. It's not that I want to push my son onto you or anything. I just see this blog as being a legacy as well. This will be around a lot longer than I am and I want him to know that I thought about him while working. That I am doing this for him (I do a lot of children pitches because we have no extra source of income. It makes me feel like I am contributing to him.)

5. Get to know YOU more. I want to connect with other bloggers and my readers more. I really have yet to make a friendship on here and I would really like to. I can say that THIS blogger commented on almost every one of my posts after she subscribed to me. Please go and subscribe to her and show her as much love as she showed me. Leave me comments and let me know if you follow me and I will do the same. I love comments that are more than just hey I follow you please follow me back. Comments that are more than that get shown love back from me.

what are some of your blogging goals?

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