January 27, 2012

Healthy To Go Products Review

As you all know I am trying to go really healthy this year. I have doing pretty good so far, one thing I have been trying to fix is my drinking habits. We all know calories are in everything, especially that soda or coffee (yeah, yeah) we have throughout the day. The recommended daily intake is 8 ounces of water 8 times throughout the day. A lot of people cannot stand the taste of regular water, I have to admit after awhile it is boring as well. 

Healthy To Go is here to solve that problem with their vast variety of different flavors that now only spice up your water but help your health as well! Look at this awesome package they sent me filled with a BPA free water bottle, samples of Acia Natural Energy Boost, Go Greens Veggies & Super Fruits, Omega to go, Green Tea energy fusion, Trim energy, and Extreme Berries to go and a cute little lunch tote!

This is by far the most amazing selection of items I have been able to review. With a water bottle that held enough to make each package, which equals out to 16 ounces of water, I knew I would be increasing my water intake easily! As a tip you want to use good fresh tasting water, if you don't like your tap water try bottled water or your a filter!

Acia Natural Energy Boost 
This drink replaces your energy drinks with all natural ingredients. With high levels of Vitamin B and antioxidants this is sure to get your going through the day with ease. I will be honest I wasn't very fond of the after taste. It was a bit bland and fell short with me. However it wasn't bad enough to hinder me from continuing drinking them.

I did feel the pick me up of the drink itself though. It wasn't as sharp as cup of coffee, you were just naturally eased into it with no drowsy side effects either. If you need a little help getting through the day but don't like the jitters and crash that come from most energy drinks I highly suggest this. 

I will let you know right off the bat this was my FAVORITE drink! If all water tasted like this I would never drink anything else again. To me it had a much more fruity taste than a green veggie taste and I found it really appealing. Now what's inside this pouch you ask? Well it's chock full of 6 servings of veggies and fruits to start with! As well as fiver, vitamin D and there is NO sugar.

This certified organic drink mix is also family approved. If you looking to help your younger children in getting all their daily amounts of fruits and veggies look to this as your answer. Simple mix it with water and the nice fruity taste just might make them forget their drinking water! Put those fights for fruits and veggies behind you.

Extreme Berries To Go
Do you want to shock water with some berries and vitamin c? This is the perfect drink add in the 4 servings of fruits and vegetables. The taste is really berries to the extreme! Lots of nice full flavor, it really transforms your water to a different level.

Another drink that is recommended for everyone in the family! Remember as a parent you are setting the example for your children and their habits later in life. With this mix they get a taste of pomegranate, cranberry, blueberries and more. Excellent to get those berry requirements in.

Omega To Go
This mix is dedicated to supporting brain,eye and heart health. You can get the DHA that is found in limited foods simply by adding this packet to your water. Also included you find Vitamin C, E and D. 

Another great way to get the things you need that you probably aren't getting already. Omega to go has your back, as well as your brain,eyes and heart! This orange creamsicle flavor will be sure to get your taste buds stepping right into health.

Trim Energy
If your new years resolution was to get fit and lose some weight, add Trim Energy to your arsenal.  This mix is aiming to help you lose body fat, boost your metabolism and control stress. We all need a little help with stress don't we? With ingredients like green coffee bean, green tea and ashwagandha, you can be sure your getting the best natural ingredients added to your diet. 

If your sensitive to caffeine you may want to stay away from this mix. The green coffee bean helps the release of the bodies' Triglycerides giving you the necessary natural energy you need. As well as the green tea to help increase your metabolism, I know I need that desperately! Now what's really exciting is the ashwagandha. I know crazy name right? Well if you haven't heard of this beauty then you're in for a treat. This has been linked to show stress levels lowered in people. I have had quite a few drinks with this ingredient in it and I believe it works for me. I am the most highly stressed out person you will ever meet, trust me!

Green Tea Energy Fusion
Another all natural energy booster. We all know how great green tea is for you and that is the number 2 drink, besides water you should be drinking.  Well combined them together and you have a super healthy drink! Also hidden inside this mix is organic aloe, very interesting right? Well this might help with the liver and converting the fats inside into energy.

A favorite ingredient  for me is the Yerba Mate. I have a tea dedicated to this that I replace with my coffee sometimes so I don't have a hard crash of energy and gives me some good mental boost as well. The honey lemon flavor is very pleasing!

Overall impressions 
I am so happy with all these drink mixes! Now keeping in mind that all the statements have not been evaluated by the FDA, I go by what I can tell happening. I am getting a lot more water in diet and great boosts of natural energy. If you find it hard to drink your regular required amount of water each day I suggest finding your favorite box and mixing it with some water! Here's a toast to goo health!

You can purchase Healthy To Go products online or locate a store near you. Connect with them on Facebook or Twitter as well.

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  1. Wow, what a terrific selection of products! I really want to try Go Green Veggies & Super Fruits now :)

  2. I really like drink mixes. I have been getting the ones at the supermarket that have Stevia. I keep them in my purse for the restaurants. Thanks for the heads up on these ones!

  3. Wow, look at all those great flavors. I have a horrible soda habit that I'm not proud of. I do like green tea though, that flavor sounds good!

  4. These products all look awesome! I need to try the green tea energy fusion! I am a big fan of green tea. Thanks!