February 20, 2012

Helping My Children Understand The Word 'Need'

Lately I have found myself listening more to what I say and making sure that it is really what I mean. Korey is almost 10 months and communication is starting to take place more and more between us and he really understands. I do not want my children growing up and saying things they really don't mean. Words are very strong and can have an impact for decades.

Praise and negativity go hand in hand with words. I am the first step in my children learning so I must set the example. I have taken a step back and noticed one word I really am using wrong is need. Here is a funny use of the word need from Merriam Webster:
Men? Who needs them?! I certainly don't.

Back on topic. To me need is necessary, requirement. More and more I should have been using the word want. I want a new purse. I need a new car. I want to take a trip to the zoo.  I need to do the dishes, change the cat litter, and start spring cleaning really early.

I am hoping to hear down the line from Korey and possibly other children is something like I want a new toy but I know I dont need it.


  1. Isn't it neat how much having a child teaches you about yourself? I, too, have a bad habit of using the word "need" when I know good and well that I don't "need" most of what I claim to. :)


  2. This is SO good! I need to remember this stuff, too, because my 3 year old really needs to know that he doesn't ever "need" candy!

  3. My children are constantly learning this, though they are 9, 6, and 2. The deisre and wants usually go with whining and pouting in my house, but when we talk about what is needed and how blessed we are to have so much more than others these days, the convesation then turns to how to help others. Words ARE very powerful! So are actions...

  4. 100% agreed! Kids need to understand the difference between wants and needs.

  5. Thanks for posting this. That is a good thing to teach Korey when he is so small. There is a big difference between want and need. Kids have a hard time understanding that. Hey, I do too! ;)

    Happy Week!

  6. I never thought about the difference between these two - good point

  7. This is just like me explaining to my children that they may be hungry but they are NOT starving.