March 21, 2012

Please Sign Skylar's Law Peition!

This petition was created by someone I know and her family. In honor of their niece who was sexual assault and her attacker is able to go with only probation. In my state NY an accused sex offender is able to take a plea deal and possible get probation while the victim lives with this for the rest of their life. As someone who in the past has been sexually abused I urge you to sign this and protect children from future sexual abuse. 

Sign Skylar's Law

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  1. I'm sick of these perverts who will even admit that they will never change getting a slap on the wrist for these crimes against children and women. If someone was sexually abusing a man, we see some changes made.

    1. Mary I stand beside you 100%. I am so happy to see this family doing their best to turn a tragedy into something that can help other families. Thank you for taking your time to help those haunted by these tragedies!