March 21, 2012

Meet The Beauty Spoon! If You Can't Get To It, Beauty Spoon It!

Alright I can admit that I have quite the stash of beauty products, from lotions to makeup to perfume. Well some of those products I am not able to get everything out of due to packaging or just the usual the pump won't catch it where it is. So how on earth would I go about reaching those last few drops of lotion, or my precious deep conditioner. 

Beauty Spoon is the answer to those beautyholics question. Claudia A. Hoexter , former model, invented the Beauty Spoon. Here is her story behind the Beauty Spoon.

As a former model, I am very conscious of my skin and the products I use. Unfortunately, I noticed that I wasn't always able to retrieve all the liquids/creams/gels in my product bottles.

So one morning, I had enough and created the Beauty Spoon® (etched on scratch paper first) before I headed to work. What can I say? I'm a multi-tasker! I invented the Beauty Spoon®, so that no one else would have to endure this frustration any longer. No matter the cost of your beauty products, $10-$100, you have the right to your money's worth!

So remember, If you can't get to it, Beauty Spoon® it!

Don't you just love this ladies? A women inventing a product when she noticed it was needed. You can even find out what some other women are saying about their beauty spoon.

The patent-pending Beauty Spoon® is designed with an ergonomic handle and 
flexible stem making it easy to retrieve every ounce of liquid and cream located
at the bottom of your product bottles and containers. 

The Beauty Spoon® also comes equipped with a contoured spoon for retaining
and scooping out as much liquid as possible. 

When finished, simply wash the Beauty Spoon® with soap and water and start bragging to your friends about all the money you saved! 

It’s the essential beauty tool that maximizes the use of all your beauty products!

You can purchase your own Beauty Spoon in a 2 pack for $9.99 also they have jars for $1.99 a 2 pack to store the extra liquid you get out of your products. I just opened new products before receiving the Beauty Spoon so I am working on getting those down to show you a video of how they work! 

What do you think you need a beauty spoon for?

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  1. I can think of several of my beauty products where this would be real handy!

  2. Oh! This would be the perfect tool to get out the last of the moisturizer in my jar. I hate to waste and always spend time unscrewing the bottle, doing the tap tap tap to try and get all the left over moisturizer out, and leave the bottle upside down to let gravity do it's work.