March 21, 2012

Little Miss Savannah Lee Is Here!

As most of you know the other half of this blog is my best friend. For Korey's birth she wasn't able to make it, he was ready when I woke up in the hospital. Well my boyfriend got the phone call at 5:00am on Sunday that Alicia was going into the hospital she was in a lot of pain. He was doing his paper route and I was at home with the baby, I had to wait for him to come home and my mother to drive me to the hospital . I didn't make it to the hospital until 9:30am and she was still having bad contractions and waiting to push. 

Once I got there he face sort of seemed to light up and the pushing started. I stepped right in with a washcloth and rubbed her head with it reminding her to breathe. My god she did so amazing with her breathing. I cannot tell you enough how good she was when she was reminded to watch her breathing. I didn't do any good breathing, I only stopped freaking out once I needed to push. 

Well little miss Savannah Lee was taking quite the time to pass that pubic bone and get settled in. Alicia had been using sooo much energy and I could tell she was tired in her face. She was sweating profusely and kept wanting to give up. Once she got those pushes with her moved down more she spent about another 10 minutes pushing until they noticed that Savannah Lee wasn't going to fit. Well Alicia was cut twice, poor girl, and finally with a few more pushes Savannah Lee made her appearance into the world and there were tears and laughter and kisses.

My best friend Alicia is amazing. I would replay that birth over and over again to watch her step into that strong warrior birth mother mode. She is a great best friend and an even better mother. Welcome world Savannah Lee 10:23 am 3/18/2012 8lbs 7oz.

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