April 27, 2011

My baby's birth story.

I came into the hospital on Monday to be induced.  At 11am I was given a vaginal suppository to help ripen my cervix, before this I was 2 cm dilated. Throughout the day I had visitors, they were hoping all of this would go pretty fast. At 11pm they took out the suppository and checked my cervix which was at 5cm this time. I was given Pitocin at 12:45am, Tuesday, on a slow drip to help contractions come along and also some pain reliever and a sleeping drug shot.

I woke up a few times during the night to go to the bathroom, and then woke up in pain at 6:00am.  Bad contractions were coming and it never seemed like I got a break.  I was expecting to sign papers and get drugs, but my body had a different plan.  I was 9cm dilated.  To late for drugs.  I remember saying I can't do this over and over but my boyfriend reassured me I could.  I started pushing at 8:00am and my doctor came in at 8:30am to check me.  Right after she left he came down quick in position and I was really ready.  At 9:01am I gave birth to a 9lb 6oz 22 1/2 inch baby boy, with no medicine and only a small tear. Here is my new love.

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