February 9, 2012

Really McDonalds? Do You Know What They Compared A Pitbull To?

I do not know how this slipped under my nose but the latest pulled ad from McDonald's featured them comparing a pitbull to their new McBites.

Thankfully they pulled this STUPID ad, but seriously why in the first place would they even go there? Has this issue not been run aground to much? I have never met one pitbull like that. So your statics are greatly failing because I have met A LOT.

What do you think of their ad?

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  1. This is wrong in so many ways. I, too, am glad that they pulled this insanity.

  2. I'm glad they pulled it! They are spreading ignorance! McD's does not need to add to the stigma/fear of pitbulls.

  3. Like we need more wrong facts about pitbulls around. They are banned here in Ontario and it sucks!

  4. McDonald's has some nasty stuff in it and I will (almost) never eat them again!!!

  5. It is just a silly sensationalist comparison.