February 9, 2012

Clean Up Your Bookmarks with Clipix.com

If you're like me then you probably have the longest bookmark bar and tons of folders in your toolbar. Let's face it, since the internet we have been able to share so many thing with people we never would be able to meet. You can find family recipes from someone across the country, find out how to make a hat, or find your next favorite pair of heels. Sharing and the internet go hand it hand, after bookmarking only so many sites, it can take up a lot of space on your bookmarks or toolbars. 

Get yourself organized by joining clipix! Clipix is a free site that offers you to "clip" the items you want and store them. It is so easy to install, you simply drag it to your toolbar and you can start cliping! I first noticed there was already a category for shoes, I've been eyeing shoes all over the internet. I love using this to collect shoes! If my closet was as full as my Clipix Shoes Board, it would explode!

Please if your toolbar is cluttered with your favorite outfits, dishes, and crafts, go on over to clipix and start your own boards!

Here is a preview of my Shoe Board, yes just a preview there is much more inside!



Leave me a comment with what boards you would create with Clipix! Sign up for your own account and join me in "clipping"!

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