November 4, 2011

Just To Touch Base

Two giveaways have ended for the Target Beauty Bag and the Box of hair color. I will be choosing a winner tonight and sending them an email. Would you like it if I announce winners or just send the winner the email? I always LOVE your input. Also I have a giveaway still going for hitting 200 followers  really easy entry and there is some really good stuff in there. I havn't revealed what is in there yet because I want the winner to be surprised. After I send out the package I will post what I sent so then you can get an idea of what a beauty giveaway is to me :)

This month I will be joining my first Giveaway Hop! 
I will have Loveable Labels giveaway along with Beauty items from me. The prize package will be WAYYY over the $25 limit. I'm so jealous I wish I was winning my prizes :)

I have 3 more reviews that will be coming up very very soon. I'm trying to crack down on reviewing them and writing it up. I'm such a lazy pants some days. Have a great weekend!

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  1. It would be great if you also posted. E-mails get lost sometimes.