November 3, 2011

*Warning some profanity* Child Abuse in MY Hometown

I always questioned whether or not I would reveal where I am located. Well with this latest news story being released .

ALBION, N.Y. (WIVB) - Albion Police have arrested a couple for the neglect, maltreatment and abuse of a 3-month-old infant.
25-year-old Donald Labelle is charged with reckless assault of a child and child endangerment. 21-year-old Ciera Kimerly is charged with reckless endangerment, child endangerment and making a false statement.
Authorities say the infant was so badly neglected it had to be taken for treatment at Women and Children's Hospital. The baby is now recovering and said to be doing well.

We even had a stabbing last week at Walmart. Now if you do not like swearing then stop reading, I'm sorry maybe it's because I'm still young or because my boyfriend swears all the time like they are normal words, but I can't write this without some foul language. 
This pisses me off to no end. How anyone can lay a hand on a BABY is beyond me. Yes I dealt with postpartum depression, and I had those thoughts but I never once acted upon them. I simply walked away or let his father take care of him. Why? BECAUSE I KNOW BETTER. How you can actually have a baby and not be told the options you have when you feel like you are at the end of your rope. They havn't released all the information so I have no clue what happened exactly but I can only hope that they were just frustrated and didn't want to deal with the baby.
I have trouble reading these things because after my anger I cry. I cry like that little baby that was abused. I just want to hold that child and shower it with love. No baby should go without love. Yes they cry a lot and are a lot to take care of but how can you not feel love when you hold them close while they fall asleep against your chest?
All the hard times (teething right now) that I have with my child I let myself know they will pass with love and understanding and lots of enjoyment with the giggle fits. I was lucky enough to be able to give natural birth to my baby boy and there is nothing more powerful than that. If I could do that I can deal with a baby who is going to cry and have demands from me.
Please understand that there are so many more options than abusing/neglecting your child. has tons of information for you. If you know someone who is abusing a child you cannot keep quiet about it, call 911! That poor baby may not have a lot of time to wait. This should NOT be happening in this day and age, new parents need more education and those of us who are parents who do not tolerate this NEED to spread the word.
I do not ask for a lot but I would love if you would please Stumble this post. I want more education for parents and if you are involved in any programs or know of any or even if you would like to try and start a movement for this count me in. Our babies need to know love and we can change this.


  1. This is so sad.. I cant understand how anyone can hurt a child.. and how someone can hurt sucha precious gift.. for people who have a hard time or cant have a child such as myself its sucha slap in the face.. it saddens me to know people like that are out in this world and in fact in the same town..

  2. @ gunmetal27

    It really saddens me too. I take it so personally when I shouldn't but when you become a mom everything involving children is completely different.