October 16, 2011

Wicked Jack Book Review

It is very rarely that I can find any children's book that my boyfriend likes. However Wicked Jack won him over. This story surrounds a very mean man named Wicked Jack, who is visited by Saint Peter. Jack is granted three wishes when he is nicer than normal to Saint Peter. These wishes bring out the worst in Jack.

He has some competition with the Devil, who sends his children to warn Jack. Yet Jack doesn't heed the warning and is so mean to the Devil's children that they run back to their Daddy! This makes the Devil angry and he finally decides to pay a visit himself. In the battle of meanness who wins?

I loved this story and my boyfriend did too, not too scary and not to cute, perfect for grades 4-7. The artwork in this book is spectacular. Texture is amazing and the scratchiness is beautiful. Connie Nordhielm Woodridge did a beautiful job adapting this story from many folktales and Will Hillenbrand did a beautiful job with the artwork.

Do you notice what the tools spell out on the cover?

You can purchase this book from Amazon here, perfect Halloween book for children!

You can check out the other great books Connie has written at her website.

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