April 20, 2011

In the process of moving and some photos!

Well today is my due date, baby apparently doesn't want to come out on his birthday so he's making me wait until Monday to be induced :(.  I'm extremely nervous for this because I know it means my body isn't ready and this is going to be more painful and difficult for me.  If it wasn't for having an amazing boyfriend by my side I know I wouldn't be able to do this.  I am still hoping for some miracle and I start dilating and having contractions myself.

Well currently I do not know where my camera battery charger is, which makes me want to cry but I will not allow myself to!  We are still moving into the apartment and today I'm waiting here by myself for the gas to be turned on while the boyfriend sleeps at our old place.  Here are some photos off the cellphone though that we have taken.

Before anything was done besides one coat of paint

Took all the doors off the cabinets to paint them , had to wait because our red paint turned out to be pink.

Our dishes with the finished cabinet

Our first kitchen table!

Without the doors on

It looks so much better after we put down the black liner


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