December 16, 2010

Urban Decay-Narcotic

I bought three different Urban Decay eyeshadows from the Sephora FF sale. This one is the only matte eyeshadow and it came along with Uzi.

This is what it looks like when it is under my room light. Taking pictures with flash doesn't really work for me with makeup, I always get it way to washed out. So instead I take a picture in daylight and under my room light. This allows me to take pictures at night if I bought something, but then I need to take it again during the day if I do that.
Anyways here it is in daylight and the swatch of it. The top is swatched heavier than the bottom. I will do a look with this sometime, so look out for that.

Two shadows for $20 was a good deal with this
Nice pigment
Blends well

Wipes away easily if no primer used
Not completely versatile

Overall 3.5/5
Only because I would have liked it to not wipe away so easily, and a little to light for me.

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