December 13, 2010

Sally Hansen- Gunmetal

This is part of the Xtreme Wear line. My boyfriend bought it for me because he liked the color and it reminded him of the band Five Finger Death Punch. It's a nice metallic gray which is somewhat hard to show up in the photos, you'll see when you compare the flash and no flash. The price is not bad either, only $2.50 and it's not horrible quality.
Ahh! Big Brush!^

I do not like brush from this line though, it's to big and bulky for my tiny fingers. Also it had a funky reaction to what I used as a base coat. No idea why but it makes my nails look weird right now. Without a base coat I do not get that problem, I'm going to try it again later with a different base coat and see what happens.
Sally Hansen miracle salon as base coat.Sally Hansen Regular Growth as top coat.

Nice mettalic gray
Dries pretty fast
Only needs two coats
Not a bad price
Cute name

Brush is to big for dainty fingers
Might not work on all base coats
Not a really unique color

3/5 Just because of the quality on the base coat.

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