December 29, 2010

Reviews soon?

So the reaction is coming down a bit, my eye isn't as annoying but my ears and back of my neck are still bothering me.  I cleaned all my brushes today in hopes of being able to wear some makeup tomorrow or Friday at least.  I don't want to put anything on if I am still going to look like Sloth fro the Goonies.  I have so many great things that were bought for me and it's just depressing seeing them sit there and not be able to wear them.  I even freaked out and started biting my nails again so I can't post any nail photos until they grow long enough for me to paint them.  I use Sally Hansen miracle growth for them to grow, in about 5 days I should have some nails that I can paint.

Did you have a good Christmas?  What did you get?

1 comment:

  1. That totally sucks but I know exactly how you feel! I used the same nice n easy hair dye for over 2 years (I'd dye my hair every six weeks cos I just couldnt be bothered touching up my roots and this ensured it was always the same colour)

    Then out of the blue I had a compeltely horrific reaction and I'm not kidding when I say I looked deformed. My face was unbelievably swollen and scabby and even after a trip to the docs and some seriosuly strong meds I still looked awful for over a fortnight. Needless to say I don't dye my hair any more. Just in case :)

    Hope yours clears up really quickly and isnt too uncomfortable for you ♥