December 24, 2010

Allergic Reaction

To freaking hair dye.  For the first time ever I had an allergic reaction to a Revlon hair dye that I dyed my hair with a few days ago.  My scalp is horrible, but I did wash it with Chamomile Tea and the next day it scabbed over, which is better than it being all bumpy but it still itches.  My left ear is the worst, I've been putting on Chamomile Tea and Neosporin but it doesn't really seem to be doing much :(  I'm so pissed cause my face broke out too and makeup is not holding up well on my face.  HORRIBLE!  So no pictures over the holidays of the makeup I wear because it just looks horrible no matter what I try. I just want this to go away so I can go back to enjoying my makeup!

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