January 30, 2012

Do You Stumble Upon? Thumbs up or down?

Well this has been a hot topic in a way with some bloggers I will just say. I am not in any type of way trying to make a post that builds into any of the drama. That type of stuff is high school to me and I am a parent, I will always try to set a better example. It may be because I really haven't made any blogging friends or because I feel like most people try to make their blog a nice comfy digital version of their own  space and I don't see the need to nag or criticize anyone.

When I first ventured across Stumble Upon I was quite hooked. I was fairly new with baby and nursing quite often so it was fun to go through and see pages by my favorite interest. I don't really use it for my site, yes it's there but I don't encourage the use of it as much as I should I guess. My top Stumbled Upon post is my Buffalo Blue Cheese Chicken Pizza and it is really the only one I tried to promote. 

I don't "write posts for Stumble Upon" and the traffic I just write what I feel and hopefully someone will find it interesting enough to bookmark it, comment, pin it, stumble it, flip it, or whatever. If not I'm fine then in my own little comfy digital corner.

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