June 22, 2012

Pacifica Bath & Body Collection Lip Tints, Body Butter, Perfume and More.

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Lip Tints 3 stars, So-So: $9
I tried both Blood Orange and Coconut Nectar. I love the packaging of these lip tints, they come in their own tubes with the lip tint inside. This makes me totally confident in throwing it in my purse and not having to worry about a cap flying off and getting whatever is stuck to the bottom of my purse on it. The moisture in these lip tints is insane. After applying and rubbing my lips together 3 hours later it feels like I just reapplied it. 

Blood Orange is my favorite scent from Pacifica. Its the same Blood Orange that you would get when you the body butter from them, I love when the scents match perfectly. It adds just enough tint to your lips to give it a pop and the added small sparkle gives lovely shimmer to your lips. 

Coconut Nectar is what made this review a 3 star and so-so. I don't really like it, the smell is okay. When you apply it though it looks like you just pasted a bunch of small sparkles all over your lips and without tint. This one was definitely a miss for me and I did not look flattering on me at all.
Body Butters  4 Stars Tried and True: $18
The Coconut Nectar is great as other Pacifica body butters! This is great smelling and long lasting scent, perfect to put on and then blend away. A LITTLE goes a very long way so you get more product than you would think in the packaging. It left my skin feeling oh so smooth and lovely! 
If you haven't heard yet Blood Orange by Pacifica is the must have scent! This scent drives me soo crazy and makes me want to take a vacation on a tropical beach! Everyone I have been around while wearing this always compliments me.

This body butter leaves me feeling so silky smooth too! And again a little  goes a long way!

Pacifica Island Vanilla Roll-on Perfume 4 stars always in my bag $12
If you're looking for a great perfume to carry with you I highly recommend this roll-on! The smell is fantastic and has such a great hint of vanilla with a tropical beach. The cap stays on very well and doesn't leak!

Pacifica Coconut & Pearls Bronzing Body Butter 4 stars worth the splurge $24
Looking for an all natural bronzer that gives you great moisture as well? This is the one for you! It adds just enough bronze to your skin without looking like a shiny Oopma Loompa. Only use a little bit at a time and blend very very well! The scent is okay, it's not one that really strikes me but scents appeal to different people. It does what its suppose to and totally worth every penny!

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