June 21, 2012

Korey Meets Plex And His First Rochester Red Wings Baseball Game!

This is another great Daddy moment! If you are not familiar with my boyfriend's job he delivers newspapers every night, yes EVERY night. He has not had a day off in 2 years, he is such an amazing man for how much work he does. Since he is out every night he listens to the radio and just happened to catch hearing Plex from Yo Gabba Gabba would be visiting the Rochester Red Wings . In the morning when I woke I was told to pack up and get ready for a visit to Rochester. We are lucky enough to live right in between two major cities, so I was excited that we were leaving for the day.

When I heard it was to see Plex, I even squealed with glee! Korey watched some Yo Gabba Gabba in the morning and we made sure to point out to him that he would be seeing Plex, the same beanie character that he carried around all day. Now I have seen many children meet characters in suits and knew the chances of a child crying are 50/50 we I was well prepared for that. If you remember earlier though, Korey has met Spongebob and he didn't tear up. Same with Santa and the Easter Bunny.

It was rainy on the way there but once we arrived the rain had stopped. Out we set with Duder (one of Korey's many many nicknames) to find Plex. It was a bummer when we found Plex that he was about to head for a break, but they let us get a quick picture with him. Guess what happened? Yup, my baby cried and cried. He refused to take a picture without Daddy so this is the only good photo of them with Plex that I got. I don't even want to go into how much we paid to park and get tickets to the game, because really we did fully go to see Plex. Oh well I said after Plex took his break, we knew this could happen.

So we went and looked around at the different food they offered and looked at the gift shop for the team. Keith and I both said we are definately coming back to try the different food they have, they have cheesecake on a stick! I workout so I like a treat every now and then. Prepare for lots of pictures of the rest of our day at Frontier Field!

I LOVE photos of them walking holding hands :)

Yummy funnel cake!

Yeah we saw Plex again before we left. He still wasn't having it.

My two favorite boys!

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  1. Aw! Such a cute day! Confession: Baby girl is afraid of the characters and I secretly hope that they are about at certain events to keep her in her seat lol

    1. Oh I never even thought of it that way haha! My boy runs around all the time and we're always chasing him. They would definitely keep him sitting down.