June 13, 2012

Let Father Know He's The Very Best Toy

Father's Day is June 17th and hopefully most of you have bought a present already. I know that no present I could ever give Keith though could express how grateful I am for him being Korey's father. One of the best Father's Day presents I have seen is a book by Gary Rinker 'The Very Best Toy'.

This book is great for children to read with their father to let him know how much he is appreciated. Throughout the book you come across different children who share their favorite way to play with Dad and make him the best toy ever. Dad can be an airplane, or even turn into a great tree to the climb. The possibilities are endless!

More and more these days you find children playing videos games or chatting away on the computer. It is best for us to connect with our children without fancy gadgets and just have fun one-on-one. The Very Best Toy helps remind us that there is so much fun Dads can have with their kids without anything!

Right now you can pick up The Very Best Toy for $1.99! It's on sale before Father's Day and would be a great present for Dad from the kids.

Disclaimer: I received the book in exchange for my review and honest opinion.

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  1. Aw! I want to get one for my husband from the kids. Cute!

  2. How wonderful is the message in this book? My kids already know Daddy is awesome but I'm sure he'd appreciate this book.