April 24, 2012

April Bloom Ambassador Box Featuring Winks by Georgie™ and Lash Food

As you may remember I am now a Bloom Ambassador. I have received April's Bloom Ambassador Box and I am so excited to share these products with you! If you have yet to join Bloom.com please join me and learn what beauty products are best for you! Today there will be a Facebook party  at 10AM Central/11AM EST and 6PM Central/7PM EST I will be at each party and would love to see you!

First up is Winks by Georgie™ Style No. 2 "L'Avant Gardiste". These natural latex lashes are eco-friendly and are dermatologist tested and PETA and vegan certified. The lash glue that comes with them is unlike any other, it is USDA certified organic blue chamomile that  soothes delicate skin and ensures maximum adhesion of lashes. If you have trouble applying false lashes you can read the guest post on tips to apply lashes. These are meant to be applied after mascara. 

Now I am not an experienced false lash applier, but I put them through a good test on their durability trying to get them on. It took me several times on getting the left lash on, I can't blink both eyes so I could barely see it going on. Throughout the 5 times I tried applying the lashes I was so impressed that they didn't fall apart, shed, or refuse to take the adhesive anymore. 

When you go to apply the lashes you draw a thin line of adhesive on the strip and hold it in a horseshoe shape until the glue is tacky. Because I had to repeatedly apply the adhesive I thought it would cake up and refuse to take. However I was quite quickly able to roll off the extra adhesive on the strip and start over again without a problem. That is very important for me in any false lash, we all have trouble and it shouldn't be a big bother to the lashes to be able to take a beating without shedding and breaking.

After the glue is tacky you apply the lashes to your natural lash line, I use tweezers when applying false lashes. I simply hold the middle of the lashes with the tweezers and then apply the lashes and press down on each end. Pinch together both the natural and false lashes to help them blend together. I love the look of them, they give nice volume and fullness to my lashes and these could be worn ANYWHERE! I love these lashes and they are perfect for novice to experienced lashers!

 The next product that was in the April Bloom Ambassador box is LashFood Nano-Peptide, Natural Eyelash Conditioner. I will be using these over the upcoming weeks and give you an update photo each week with how it turns out! 

Using cellular technology, it literally transforms your lashes from short, thin and brittle to full and gorgeous! In just 3 – 6 weeks, you can have stunning, eye-framing lashes that add a feminine and sexy appeal to your whole face. This formula is free of parabens, gluten, and prostaglandins and is dermatologist tested and approved.

I am excited to see how this turns out and update you with the results! Don't forget to join me at the Facebook parties 11AM EST and 7PM EST!

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  1. I want this month's box!! I'm a lashes girl 100%, Yours look so pretty!!

  2. How perfect are those lashes for you. You look great. I've never used a lash conditioner but am definitely intrigued. Can't wait to hear how it works out.

  3. You do look Pretty and I am so happy you got to work with them. I Love the products they sent you and I am going to have to check the site out so I would like to Thanks you for sharing the review with all of us.

  4. Love it!! The lashes look fabulous!!