April 13, 2012

How to Apply False Eyelashes A Guest Post

One of the most noticeable features of a person is their eyes. The eyelashes act as a perfect frame for them. False eyelashes are a way to extend short lashes or create a dramatic and fun look. The application of false eyelashes can be tricky for some people. Here is a list of the common problems seen when applying fake eyelashes and tips on how to avoid them.

The Eyelashes Do Not Meet Expected Results
Just like most beauty products, eyelashes come in many lengths and colors. The type of product purchased should directly correlate to the desired results. If the appearance of fuller lashes is desired, purchase a full set of lashes. If the goal is to fill-in existing lashes, buy small clusters of lashes.

Drooping Eyelashes 
A person may not be sad, but may appear that way when walking around with drooping eyelashes. Wearing lashes that are not the correct size is a problem. If the lashes do not properly fit, they may droop at the edges. Measure the width of the lash to make sure it matches the length of the eyelid. Another trick to prevent drooping is to grab the ends of the lash and form it into a “C” shape for a few seconds. Molding the lashes will discourage the lashes from lifting in the corners.

The Lashes Look as If They are Hanging on for Dear Life
Glue and how it is used is the main reason why lashes fall off. A quality product will deliver quality results. Try to use high-quality glue. Beginners may find it easier to use a cotton swab to apply glue to the eyelashes. Make sure to add a decent amount of glue to the corners. Something to note, using too much will create a mess. Use too little glue and the lashes may end up looking like they are holding on for dear life.

Can’t Place the Lashes in the Right Spot
One of the biggest problems with false lashes is the incorrect technique used to put them on. After the lashes are glued, wait until the glue is sticky to apply to place the lashes. To apply individual lashes, start from the eye’s outer corner. Using tweezers, stick the lashes in between the natural lashes. Make sure the spacing between the natural lashes is even to keep them from looking fake.To blend the lashes, coat them with mascara.

If the lash strips are used, put the strip on at the base of the natural lashes. Do not glue them on the natural lashes. Start applying the eyelashes from the outer corner to the inner corner. Liquid eyeliner is very useful. Apply it to the seam and use it to fix any gaps between the eyelash and eyelid.

Fake eyelashes can take ordinary lashes from blah to glam in a matter of minutes. However, not knowing how to properly apply them can create a less than fabulous look. Following these tips on how to apply false lashes will ensure great looking eyes.

Cindi Lewis writes for glossy.com a natural skin care and beauty products online retailer.

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