March 26, 2012

When Mommy Needs A Vacation

Do you ever just feel so overwhelmed? Ever since my son was born I have constantly been around him and taken care of him. I am not saying that I don't love watching him grow and achieve his milestones, trust me I know how lucky I am to watch each one of those. However it can get to be quite stressful for both the baby and mommy when you never separate.

Currently Korey is starting to get at the attachment phase. So that view of him is what I usually have all day. Right next to me yelling all the time. I go and play on the floor with him , try to find games, take him outside. But alas he is usually always at the bottom of my feet yelling.

He did start crying for Daddy recently. It only happens when Daddy is getting ready to leave and go somewhere, I mean he really lays on the waterworks. Then Daddy starts to cry, and it usually takes a lot for that man to cry but when it comes to Korey he can cry at any moment. 

So my question to you is, if you have gone through this stage what did you do to stop the attachment? Or at least help your child be comfortable around other people besides Mommy and Daddy.

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  1. Honestly, the only thing that worked was waiting for my kids to grow out of this stage. No amount of preparation, trying new things, etc would stop the clinging/need for me until they were ready.

    My daughter was much worse than my son and her clingy mommy/daddy phase lasted from 8 to 13 months but now she will leap out of my arms for daddy, grandma, etc if I'm going somewhere. And she doesn't cry when daddy leaves for work in the morning anymore.