March 27, 2012

Slim Down While Snacking On Beanfields Snacks Review

Alright now don't start thinking that I have a snack that will slim you down while you're actually eating it. Rather if you replace those high salty chips with those of Beanfields you will notice a great difference in time with how much you gain from snacking.

While making these snacks Beanfields wanted to make sure that first they tasted good, as some people complain with healthy snacks they usually have that healthy taste. Beansfields believes in great tasting snacks should also be good for you, good for our families, good for our farmers and good for the planet. That's an amazing statement from a snack company!

When the chips arrived I wondered if they would be able to live up to the great taste. For review I received all 5 of their flavors to try!  My boyfriend immediately took the package examined all the chips and chose to try Beanfields Nacho Bean & Rice Chips figuring that they would probably taste the best out of the flavors because he loves nacho chips. 

He loved the taste of the Nacho Bean & Rice Chips. It takes a lot for this guy to say something tastes good. With the non-dairy, cheese and NON of the other 7 top food allergy products included this is something everyone can try! He told me that he was surprised by the taste for something that is healthy for you.

 As a cheese lover he couldn't believe that it didn't contain those favorite cheeses he's addicted to but are bad for you if you eat to much! These are now his favorite Nacho chips and I love that their healthy for him! Our son Korey also had a few bites and agrees with Daddy, these chips get my two dude's approval! 

Now onto Mommys favorite. Beanfields Sea Salt & Pepper Bean & Rice Chips. I have an addiction to salt and I try my best to not add it to much to my diet. Well with Beansfields chips I can have Sea Salt & Pepper without needing to go overboard! Because these chips are made with beans and rice they're a lot thicker than most chips, so I have to concentrate on my chewing. This helps me slow down my snacking and not mindlessly shove chips in my mouth, I get to enjoy the taste and the texture of chips.

Thanks to Beansfields I can now enjoy my snack while still slimming down and watching my figure. 

What Beansfield snack would you try?

More about Beansfields Snacks according to the website:

 Beanfields chips give you important nutrition your body needs. A one-ounce serving has 4 grams of protein and 4 grams of fiber—twice as much as most other tortilla chips, corn chips, or potato chips. Beanfields are tasty snacks you can feel good about giving your family! 

All of our Crispylicious Corn Free Bean & Rice Tortilla Chips are verified to be free of any genetically-modified organisms (non-GMO) and have received the prestigious Non-GMO Verification awarded by the Non-GMO Project!

I received these products for review purpose, all opinions are my own and honest. I was not compensated in any other way.

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  1. How much do they taste like beans? I'm not a bean fan at all really but need to replace chips!

    1. If I didn't know that they were made with beans I never would have believed it. That was something I was worried about too with the first taste. And they taste in all of them really has no hint of beans or even rice! I compare them best to a thick tortilla chip!

  2. ALWAYS on the lookout for healthy snacks because I'm a biiiig muncher! I've never heard of Beanfields, they sound really yummy! The Beanfields Sea Salt & Pepper sound tasty!! Woohoo for healthy snacking :)

  3. These sound good and like a great alternative to fatty potato chips! Thanks for sharing!