March 1, 2012

The Only Bib You Will Ever Need, Meet The Tuckaroo

It's posts like this that make me happy to share products with my readers. From the age of 4 months my son has worn 2 or more bibs a day. He drools like Homer Simpson and doughnuts. Lately he has his a eating bib and a recreational bib. The only times he doesn't have a bib is when he has his binky, while he's sleeping or getting ready to. This causes A:LOT of bib laundry.  Worst part is the bibs still soak through to his clothing.

The Tuckaroo solves all the bib problems!

See the that flap, it tucks right inside the shirt collar, the drools stops at the collar and goes on the bib and not down the shirt! When I first received the product I showed my boyfriend and explained to him what it says it will do. He was quite skeptical but when I lifted the bib after Korey finished his bottle, his shirt was dry!

You can see from his pictures how much of a sloppy drinker he is. He always acts like he's starving and sucks bottles down while smiling. Now instead of having to wash him down after each feeding I just take off the Tuckaroo and off we go. 

Tuckaroos come in two colors pink and blue, and three different sizes, Newborn, Infant and Toddler for $5.99 each. You can also purchase a bib set and get one of each for $14.97.  The instructions for the Tuckaroo are so simple and will help you save money and laundry! 

 If your looking for a baby shower gift or something for your own child, look no further than the Tuckaroo!
  • Guards against protein based stains (e.g. formula stains) that are difficult to get out and are the reason why baby's clothes may yellow after months of storage.
  • Water resistant inner layer keeps clothes clean & dry
  • Pill-Free snaps - Unlike Velcro, which sticks to everything in the dryer, the metal snap closure will never pill baby's clothes.
  • Reduce loads of laundry by not having to change baby's clothes several times a day.
  • Never pre-treat collars again
  • Pass down baby's clothes stain free

This mommy and drooly baby approve the Tuckaroo! Shop for your own online, or look in stores near you. You can connect with Tuckaroo on Facebook too!

Thank you to the sponsor. I was compensated with my own Tuckaroo to test for this review. My opinions are honest and my own.
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  1. Looks like a really good bib. What I want to know is do they make these for adults??? LOL

  2. We have a Tuckaroo and love it! It does a great job of keeping the mess off the collars of his shirts :)

  3. What a great product! And you have an adorable baby :)