March 31, 2012

How 'Normal' Is Your Name?

While reading Mama Goes Bam's post about her name and her child's, it really hit home to me. Hello my name is Ashleigh. Or would be it better if I wrote it Ashley? I cannot tell you the amount of times that my name has been pronounced wrong. Alicia? Which is hilarious because that is my best friend's name. Yeah sorry not close. 

The best one was when I was in middle school art class and we had a substitute. Alright Ash-Lee-Ga? Everyone in the class started laughing and looked around. I raised my hand and said it's pronounced Ash-lee. Seriously? Who the heck would even name their kid Ashleega? I have dealt with this all of my life though, so when having a baby I knew that I really didn't want anything crazy. However I always strongly feel that no one but the parents should have a say in what the baby will be named.

So when I found out I was pregnant I talked with my boyfriend. We both already knew names we wanted, I had a girls name picked out and he had a boys name picked out. There was no since in even bothering talking about the names until we found out the sex. Well as you know we had a boy and I completely allowed Keith to name our son whatever he wanted, he named him Korey, with a K because he wanted our children to have names that started with K.

Now if you didn't know you pronounce Korey, like Corey. And again I cannot tell you how many people spell his name wrong and pronounce it wrong. So many people think it's Karey for some reason. I have no idea why! I hope we haven't doomed him for the rest of his life with his name, but I love it. Even though he can rarely have anything in stores with his name on it.

Is your name something different or unique? Did you worry about what to name your child at all?

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  1. I'm surprised people don't know how to pronounce Ashleigh, I though that was common spelling of the name?.

    Naming a child is so difficult isn't it? You don't want them to grow up hating their name. We chose an unusual name for our baby (Chael) and I know that he will have trouble with people pronouncing his name, but I think you get that with the more regular names too.

    I have a very unusual name (Anissa) and people can never pronounce it, however hubby's name is Roy and people can't even pronounce or spell his name!