March 30, 2012

Give Your Child Some Fun This Spring With Imperial Toy Products!

I am going to prepare that this is a VERY photo heavy post and features lots of cuteness! I received a box filled with fun spring stuff to do with my family. Imperial Toy has a great variety of different toys that you can have a great fun time outdoors with. Their website is easy to navigate by age, gender, or price!

I have some really great neighbors and I shared these items with their son Jason, who is 5. When I received these it became very windy and cold in NY so we were only able to test the  Super Miracle Bubbles – Bubble Turbine .

We went outside and let our son Korey roam around with Jason's little brother Jericho who is 9 months, and so adorable! Jason couldn't wait to test out the different attachments that came with the Bubble Turbine.

First we attached the big bubble to the Bubble Turbine and showed Jason how you dip it into the bubble solution and let er rip! Look at those HUGE bubbles! Even with the wind they went quite big and also took off quite good!

Jason had such a fun time showing his Daddy how he could make these huge LONG bubbles! He liked trying to see if he could out do each bubble he made last time. He said it was such fun seeing them turn into tiny bubbles and pop too.

 The other attachment made smaller bubbles, which we thought were just going to all go and float off. But those stayed in the long chain of bubbles and we all loved it! I think the adults loved the effects of this attachment the most.

These smaller cluster of bubbles attracted Korey and Jericho's attention and they started to chase the little bubbles around the yard.

Jason thought it was funny that he could point them and they would float towards people. He liked making little chains by pulling off of the button as well.

Jericho kept wondering how these bubbles ended up in front of his face! He never knew his brother was blowing them behind his back, haha.
 Everyone enjoying some bubbles! See the road behind everyone? Well these bad boy bubbles floated all the way ACROSS the road! I couldn't help but laugh when one driver saw bubbles and looked puzzled and then noticed us in the yard, I could see her giggling. These bubbles are fun for any age! Our puppy also enjoyed watching the bubbles float around and try to pop them.

Now while it is still quite a bit to cold to test out the rest of the products here are the YouTube videos to showcase what else we got from Imperial Toy!

Glow Fusion Bubble Solution Demo

Glow Fusion Sizzle Promo Video

KAOS Extreme Water Balloon Action

You can find all of these companies online and connect with Imperial Toy on their Facebook.

This review was made possible by Mom Spark Media. Thoughts are my own. 
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  1. These are awesome! We love Imperial toys!

  2. Those are some great pics! Where in NY do you live, it looks beautiful! The babies rolling around in bubbles is so precious.

    1. I live 30 minutes away from Rochester and Buffalo. A small farming town and it's great to be so close to the country!