February 8, 2012

Your New Favorite Item Is From Pink House Etsy Shop!

I LOVE going to Etsy and browsing around, finding a new item I like and them stumbling right into the shop! This bowl started me into a new shop:

I love this bowl! One of my Aunts lives in Louisiana and this instantly made me think of her. She always use to send me up beads from Mardi Gras and I use to play around in them all the time. I love the energy of Mardi Gras minus all the boobs hanging out. This is an amazing bowl that could be a centerpiece towards Mardi Gras time.

Pink House also features many more handmade items such as this Horse and Road Cart piece. Handmade items are like no other, every piece is unique and you cannot get another one. Stop by Pink House, heart her shop and find your next favorite piece!

Disclosure: I was not sent anything for this review, I love sharing Etsy shops with my readers and supporting homemade businesses.
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  1. So adorable - I'd love to have one of these

  2. This is a pretty bowl! I'd love this for entertaining :)

  3. that is way cute I love the things you can find on Etsy

  4. Very pretty bowl, I love Etsy! You can find such unique items. I like the turtle at Pink House, among other items. Lol and I agree about loving Mardi Gras minus the boobs the boobs hanging out.