January 6, 2012

Niapads; Simple For Pimple! Review & #Giveaway 2 Winners! 1/13

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Sadly to say at 24 I am still prime for pimples. I fought them a lot in high school and they affected my happiness with my looks quite a lot. Today I have Niapads who are helping me fight the beasts and keep them at bay.

About Niapads:
Niapads™ is designed to safely reduce Acne flare-ups by unleashing the well known anti-inflammatory properties of Niacinamide USP. Inflammatory skin conditions include Acne vulgaris and studies have shown that Niacinamide USP has proven efficacy in treatment of these skin conditions. Niapads™ is uniquely formulated to deliver Niacinamide USP topically at the desired site unlike oral formulations. A mild scrubbing pad helps exfoliate dead skin cells and prevent pore clogging. (Please note that Niacinamide is also known as Vitamin B3 or Nicotinamide).

I even went ahead and created a video showing me using them! Watch below.

There are so many things that I love about this product! They come 30 in a resealable pouch. This makes them so easy to carry with you and take anywhere. If you have teens these are perfect for their backpacks and easy to use after gym! No harsh scent coming from the product as they have Lavender oil in them.

Another great thing about the Niapads  is that they are made with Niacinamide. Which is generally recognized to be safe for pregnant women! I know I had hard acne when I was pregnant. Making it more difficult was the fact that I couldn't use all my normal acne products. Had I known of Niapads, a lot of crying could have been prevented. 

You can purchase Niapads on  Amazon. Stop by their YouTube, Facebook and Twitter as well! Two lucky readers will win one package of 30 NiaPads!


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