January 6, 2012

The Never Ending Crying Baby

We took Korey to the Dr the other day because we had a horrible cough like I did earlier when I was sick. Well turns out that he's not sick, just teething. Yup 5 teeth are coming in, AT ONCE! This had led to almost a week of a crazy whiney baby. My little sweet cute guy get's replaced by this baby every night. It's horrible. Nothing that we do makes it stop. We are effortless to help him. Usually he falls asleep in my arms in the bed, I love sleeping next to him but having to do it on his time isn't fun. I have a ton of stuff I still have do but he comes first so I just lay down with him till we both fall asleep.
That adorable baby in our Christmas photo (I will photoshop the red eyes when I hand these out). Oh Korey I cannot wait until you return to yourself again.

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