January 11, 2012

Cafe Well wants YOU to Race to the Moon!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cafe Well for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Cafe Well, is a social networking site that helps you focus on getting well and helping you stay that way and anyone can join.  Once you join you will be able to participate in discussion groups and talk about your experiences with each other and have yourself a big support team! If your work joins you can connect with other employees that have joined and keep each other going!

If you want to know more about yoga, or how to eat healthier ,  you can easily hook up with other people who have the same common health interests as you! This website is all about you feeling connected with like minded people and getting yourself on track for the new year!

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Their Race to the Moon event is sponsored by HealthAmerica and it's members are eligible for the program. You get a free pedometer and the chance to win prizes! Who wouldn't like the chance to get healthy and be rewarded for it? The goal of this is to collectively walk enough miles to reach the moon!  That's well over 328,000 miles! The more you walk the more you help towards the goal!

If you are a HealthAmerica member and in the state of Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Ohio and West Virginia, then you are eligible. Join with Cafe Well and get yourself moving to the moon!


Remember even if you are unable to join the Race to the Moon event, EVERYONE is able to join Cafe Well!

I am not eligible, but if I were to create my own health challenge I would definitely involve my boyfriend! He is my number one supporter in everything and I would challenge us to eat healthier throughout the entire year and keep track of food we eat. The person who eats the healthiest at the end of the year would get an afternoon free to do whatever they wanted! 

What would your health challenge be?

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