December 4, 2011

Baby Knows Best: YoBaby Organic Sweet Potato and Apple Yogurt Review

Baby Knows Best is going to be an ongoing category of reviews that I try to center around my son's reactions to products geared towards babies. If you would like your product to be featured be use this link for contact info.

Korey LOVES his YoBaby organic 3 in 1 meals. I fed him sweet potato and apple for our first try. The tangy taste of the yogurt was followed by a sour face. Within three bites he was use to the taste and begging for more! Next I took it up a step, dug to the bottom for the sweet taters and apples. This bite went off without a hitch!

A few bites later I got brave, stirred it up and gave Korey a smile. What I received after his bite was not close to smile at all. He protested as I tried to give him more. What a bad Mommy move. If your child likes the taste of something, let him get use to it before you decide to get crazy. Every time I tried to stir it he doesn't like it. No stir? EMPTY!

Stonyfield  is a great organic company. They have a long line of YoBaby and YoKids products. I want to try  the drinkable yogurts as well!

Rating: 4 happy smiles. I still give this a high rating because it contains 20% RDA vitamin D and 25 RDA calcium per serving. I can only hope Korey will learn to love it stirred. 

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