November 19, 2011

Every Office Needs a Professional Tassimo, Free Demo Offered!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Tassimo for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Remember those commercials of the dancing home brewer that transformed? Well let's meet his classy professional brother. Tassimo Professional is the brewer your office needs! What makes a work day go by quicker and more effectively but a nice cup of coffee,espresso, tea or hot chocolate.

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Alot of the times when you are at the office you really can't run down to your favorite coffee house and order your usual espresso. Well just pop in the T-Disc from GEVALIA and you can start brewing your own real espresso that also includes the creamer! High quality taste in less than two minutes with no long lines.

Here at Living Off Love and Coffee you know we stand by our beverages. Brand is very important to how the taste is and with brands like GEVALIA, SUCHARD, and TWININGS, you cannot go wrong with the Tassimo Professional! Did you know that there is a Tassimo Professional free demo that you can sign up for your office? A representative will come by and showcase the brewer to you and you even get to try some of the flavors. What is better than taking a break from work to try out some specialty beverages from premium brands, that is the prefect excuse for a office meeting! .

My picks to try would have to be English Breakfast Tea from Twinings, and Hazelnut from Gevalia.  The fact that I get to add different creamers that Tassimo has made T-Disc for is beyond simple to me. Now I know that people may think well I will just take some of these discs home and use them. Tassimo has prevented employees from being able to use these with their home brewers. These T-dics have two special bar codes on them and will not work with any home machine!

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I would love to have this in my office as a better alternative than paying $5 for a cup of small coffee. The high quality taste and exclusive brands make my mouth water! Coffee in less than 2 minutes without having to sacrifice my work? Yes please. Just a push of a button and I would be sipping my hot frothy coffee right now. Sign up for your own office demonstration as I did and hopefully your work day will go smoother and leave a good taste in your mouth.

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