November 24, 2011

My FIRST Order

Finally my order arrived. I ordered this October 28th, it came November 21st. Why so late? Well the one item I ordered was discontinued, I never received the email so I had to call to find out what was going on. Finally they got everything sent out to me and replaced my item with a higher value item. Glowology Bubbling Exfoliant , reviewing coming soon for this on my first impressions.
 Pretty pink wrapping!!

 I ran all out of my Clinique moisturizer gel and this was suggested for me by Best4You. You fill out a skin profile and they recommend beauty products to you based on other members who have the same type of profile.
  I have a nail polish problem. However I am not currently seeking treatment!

 This little beauty was what I was most excited in getting! Boyfriend and I have some rough feet and my elbows are rough too. I am hoping this is a lifelong investment!

I thought I would have to try every single different one until I could find a good cuticle cream, but ladies I think I found it!

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