October 25, 2011

Welcome My Partner In Crime; Alicia

I have wrangled my best friend into helping me with the site here. She is expecting her first child in March, around the 14th. I wanted to open up my blog more for pregnancy talk, more reviews and just to show I LOVE my best friend.

*This is like circa 2000 or something. She doesn't have internet so she cannot look this site up, instead I type up her posts. If she knew this was on here I would probably die.

I love my best friend. I have known her for 12 years, and I am 24. We are both very young and were both moms. There was a year straight that we didn't talk, I hated that year and it destroyed her. She ended up not graduating high school and got into some bad things that year. But we still managed and we reconnected and I still love her just as much. I love this blog and what I get to do on it and the people I get to meet. With this fun ride I wanted to invite her because I can't imagine her not being by my side through this journey.

Welcome Alicia!

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  1. so great to connect with you girl from the fall fest party! :)