October 8, 2011

#Coupon Giveaway! 3 Winners This Time!!

Example of how many coupons I cut!

Another coupon giveaway! These are popular and I have a ton of coupons, why let them go to waste and not give them to YOU! Very simple mandatory entry and you can pick and choose which ones you want to do as well. This will only last for 9 days!! 3 winners will be chosen to receive an envelope of coupons!

Please please PLEASE, pay attention to the instructions. I have asked that you put information in the extra info on almost ALL of the entries. I verify all entries before I pick a winner and delete extra entries. Enter away folks!


  1. I did leave a blog post comment on a non-giveaway post, but there wasn't any place to tell you which one on the rafflecopter (the only info it asks for on that entry is name and email) so I figured I'd tell you here.

    I commented on the BRYTONPick - FLOSS In Seconds post. :)

  2. debra.pauley@live.com

  3. I commented on Because sometimes as a mom I don't have time...Review&Giveaway...but the giveaway is over...I thanked you for offering the coupon.

  4. Coupons would be very helpful.
    Diane baum