September 27, 2011

Over the Moon Proud

As a parent we are all proud of our children when they accomplish things. Now this is about how proud I am of a group of friends that I have.

You see I followed my friend John through all the bands he was in, and this began in middle school. The father of my beautiful child and the man I love to the end of the moon is his best friend and he is how we met, so thank you for that John! After 10 years I was able to see how much his struggle along with the final band line up would pay off.

On the 24th I attended their CD release party and it was so exciting! There was only two problems, they were both drunk people. One woman ruined my recording of the video with being loud and obnoxiousness. Second one got arrested at the end of the night but this guy ruined my video too, when you watch you get to see where I get in his face. Yup I almost found a drunk dude. None of that could ruin my night at all.

So many people were they there who followed John, Jones, and Justin through their high school band and waited to see this for so many years. I love the final line up and these guys feel like brothers to me. Congratulations guys, you deserve this! Here is the best night of my life, next to giving birth to my baby.

John on bass
Nik on vocals, Justin on drums

Jones on guitar, Myka on keyboards

I recorded all those videos on my little digital camera. I would really like something else better! Here is all the contact to add The Silence Broken

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  1. New follower hoping you will follow us back at thks in advance xx

  2. Awesome pics, looks like a cool night! I love their name, I will check them out right now. Or as soon as my internet lets me load YouTube videos. x_X

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  4. That is so awesome! I bet you are totally stoked for them. I can't imagine how proud you must be of your friend making it so far. My good friend/ex has been in I don't know how many bands and I would be overjoyed if he ever makes it into the spotlight. Congrats to them! I will definitely be checking them out it looks like my kind of music :) New follower from Get Connected Blog Hop!

    Meg@Mommy Needs A Time Out