September 29, 2011

Morning Routine?

I think most moms can say that they really don't have a morning routine because with a child anything can change that. However I do try my best to stick to this routine.

1. Wake up between 8-10 am to a smiley baby
2. Change diaper and put baby in jumper
3. Make coffee or some other beverage that will give me caffeine
4. Check the mailbox
5. Check my virtual mailbox and blog comments
6. Read other blogs and comment back to those who need it.
7. Once the coffee is done its time for baby to have breakfast and then it's whatever he wants for the rest of the day.

My drink of choice today is Organo Gold- Gourmet Cafe Mocha. I am obsessed with Tim Hortons Cafe Mochas so I have to try all Cafe Mochas. This one does NOT disappoint. I made it with water but I'm sure you can make it with milk as well. It is sooo frothy and I love that about drinks. For an instant drink it definitely rates very high for me.

You know how normally it tastes like drinking water when you make an instant drink? Well throw that feeling out of the window because you can taste the Cafe Mocha! As mommys we all know how precious our time is. Just throw some water in the microwave or turn on your tea pot and in a few minutes you will have nice pipping hot foamy Cafe Mocha.

That's not the only flavor they carry though! Here are some of the flavors they have:

Gourmet Cafe Supreme

Black Coffee

 Gourmet Latte

 Want some for yourself? I suggest purchasing from Margaret, she is a very sweet lady and ships FAST!


If you purchase from her please mention that you heard about her from this blog! I would like to know what you guys think of them and if enough of you try them and like them I will host a giveaway and buy the winner their favorite flavor! That is how much I really like this!

What's your morning routine?

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