August 6, 2011

Melissa and Doug Linking Crab Review

You may have seen this mentioned in my son's 2 month check up. I have nothing but complete LOVE for this product!

This Linking Crab by Melissa and Doug is his first FAVORITE toy. Maybe it is just a first time mom thing but I am so excited to see him have a favorite toy.  One side features a blue "sad" crab while the reverse side has a red "happy" crab, interchanging colored links are provided for the arms. Now he is not teething yet so I cannot speak for the joy of the teething links, however I can tell you how much I love the different colored crab features.

My boy lights up with excitement for the sad crab. He is a little twisted with being so happy seeing this crab so sad, haha. We link it up to his swing, infant seat, bouncer , anything that it will link to basically. It is so adorable hearing him coo and talk to his crab and laugh with it.

Just recently he has started to fall asleep putting his hand in the middle and holding the crab if he has access. The first time I seen this I almost cried with how cute it was. There is nothing about this crab that I do not love!

I purchased this item for my own son's entertainment. I provided this review with my honest opinion and was not compensated by any brand.

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