July 29, 2011

DANO Ducki review

I won this in a giveaway from Life with two boys on the 21st and received it on Monday, 5 days later! First let me tell you that I hope to win more giveaways from this blogger, she was amazing with her communication and sooo quick with the prize! The reason it has taken me FOREVER to post a review is well.. I have a 3 months old you tell me how easy it is to do anything with a 3 month old. He is finally napping so that is how I am able to post this.

First as a Mom I LOVE this product beyond belief. One of the things my boyfriend and I watched a long time ago before we even thought about having a baby was the fact that duck bath toys that have a hole in them keep bacteria inside. We saw them cut one open and I also threw up, it was horrible and black and I never wanted to think of my child putting that in his mouth.  Upset we realized that our baby wouldn't ever be able to have one.

Along comes Dano Ducki! On the bottom of this duck is an opening so you can CLEAN inside of it. No need to worry about my baby putting dirty water back into his mouth. I love love love that. This duck is also made out of really nice rubber that feels very clean. Have I mentioned that this is MADE IN THE USA? How many products can you find now a days that are made here, not a lot!

My baby started teething a little bit last month, now we are full blown painful teething :(. This duck has two teething spots, one on it's bill and one on it's tail! I'm still trying to teach him that it is okay to put other things inside his mouth besides his fingers to allow him to relieve the pain. But I did get a couple of pictures of it in his mouth!

What a cute baby I have! Thank you so much Life with two boys for holding this giveaway. We LOVE it!

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  1. I'm glad you and your little guy are enjoying the Ducki :) Thanks again for entering and be sure to stop back at Life With Two Boys and check out the other giveaways I have going on right now!
    I think this etsy giveaway would be perfect for you!
    Good luck if you enter :)