February 17, 2011

Baby Shower and Everything Else Part 1...

I cannot believe that my baby shower is less than a month away.  I also cannot believe that I'm 31 weeks pregnant, my little man will be here soon.  I will start childbirth classes next week on Tuesday.  I have looked up some  things about labor but I always have to stop because they make me want to cry.  Reason being is that I know I am going to be so overly emotional knowing that when it starts I will FINALLY be able to see little Korey. 

Having to see a very close friend of mine go through hell to get her daughter because she is infertile and then opening up to her telling her that I thought I might be too, this is a very emotional ride.  I have had to watch so many younger girls get knocked up by some random boy they were sleeping with at the moment and be able to have a baby.  Most of them have upset me beyond belief because they get everything handed to them.

One young girl and her boyfriend, who is not the baby's father but is lying to everyone to make this girl look good, mainly its his family he is lying to because everyone else knows.  This wouldn't bother me so much if he was willing to actually do something, ANYTHING for the baby.  No instead he is demanding that she get a better job to provide health insurance for her and the baby.  He is not going to adopt the baby, which will have HIS last name, and he is providing no financial support. Currently he takes her money and buys drugs.

They do not have to buy anything for the baby because for the first year her mother and father will go back and forth buying diapers for the baby.  Also if they just want/need anything they can write it down and it will be bought for them.  I cannot being to tell you how much my friends and I want to never speak to this "couple" again.  We are all so appalled and angry at this situation and can do nothing but just sit back and wait for everything to come crashing down.

Apparently this girl was TRYING to get pregnant for years in high school.  I guess knowing how long it took me to get pregnant with the man that I have been with for 6 years, knowing what a struggle it will be for us to raise this baby, hearing these kind of stories just makes me sad really.  I can say without a doubt in my mind that my boyfriend/soon to be husband is going to be an amazing father.  This is going to be a very big journey for us but I'm reassured every time he kisses my tummy, when he puts his head on my tummy, and when he shows me baby clothes that say "I love Daddy".

I was a very,very stupid young girl and did so many bad things just really trying to destroy myself.  I am thankful to say this is my first child and I have someone that I am proud to have a baby with.  I never expected I would just go off when I started typing so going to have to do a part 2 for the shower.

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