February 10, 2011

1st Diaper Bag!

I never noticed but my good friend actually has the exact same one!  I am going to be getting another one because I've heard many complaints about this tearing and becoming a waste within 3 months.  It is somewhat packed with some random things we have bought already but have not tried to put it through any wear and tear yet so I cannot speak for it's durability.

However I would like to ask do you have any suggestions for my second diaper bag?  I am not a fan of a really small bag, I do not even own a small purse.  Decent size to huge would work for me (lol).  Color/design is something that attracts me to bags, I am having a boy but I do not see why I couldn't have anything 'girly' because after all I am carrying it, not the baby :)  My boyfriend is getting himself a backpack so it will be all MINE.  I am breastfeeding so I do not need to worry about carrying formula (hopefully!). 

Here are a few that I was looking at to give you an idea:

Skip Hop Studio Diaper Tote Bag

Skip Hop Dash Deluxe
JJ Cole Mode Diaper Bag

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