January 29, 2011

I won a sweepstakes.

Apparently a very long time ago I entered into the Plackers Sweepstakes.  Low and behold a few weeks ago I received a package in the mail.  I was one of the lucky second prize winners and here is what I won.

 A lovely letter from them explaining all about their dental floss and congratulating me on winning.
A years supply of their dental floss in different varieties!

I totally don't remember entering it but I'm pretty happy that I won since we are moving soon and this is one less thing I have to worry about  buying for awhile!  So far I have tried the Micro Mint and they taste fantastic!  Get's in between my teeth rather well, I'm going to have the boyfriend try the kind that is meant for teeth being close together because he does have that problem and doesn't like floss when it breaks in between his teeth.

Have you won any sweepstakes or giveaways recently?

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