November 19, 2010

Oh yay!

I'm waiting until I get my new camera(for Christmas) to upload all the new makeup I got along with new swatches. I'm extremely excited because my boyfriend is totally getting into me enjoying myself doing this blog and buys me more makeup for it! I just got a Peace Love & Juicy Couture rollerball for free!! My friends step-daughter didn't like the smell of it and asked me if I wanted it. OH COURSE! Everyone is different with smells so I always try and tell people DO NOT base it on what other people say. We all like something different, I happen to actually love all of the Juicy Couture smells, florals are a yes for me!

1 comment:

  1. Came across your blog, I love makeup and I am building a beauty blog of my own. Follow me back. Oh and eff that drunk retard who hit you.