November 25, 2010

1 more day

The countdown to seeing one of the most beautiful things ever has been started a long time ago but getting very closer. Friday we are getting picked up by Enterprise to rent our vehicle for the weekend. I do not drive, while I use to but I have stopped for about 2 years. First it was due to us hitting a deer and I was very afraid, but since then I am not able to control my body's reactions when I am in a vehicle and it goes over 30 mph. I cannot think of the type of disorder it is right now but I'm sure I'll eventually remember. It really sucks because unless there is a medication for it I will never be able to drive again, I literally would crash if I went to fast.

Anyways Friday we will be going to our first ultrasound and get to see the baby at 19 weeks and find out the sex. I am already starting to cry imagining what it will look like. This has been the best surprise to ever happen to me. I have something to live for and something to make the years or depression and self-hate wash away. Being a mommy will be hard work but I could not be happier.

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