October 28, 2010

Let's get a little personal...

I figured I should go over a little bit about me and include some past makeup pictures that I have.

Two years ago my boyfriend did this face for me ^^ for Halloween. We listen to the band ICP and this involved both band members face paint. I love my boyfriend for being able to to paint this on me, since sadly I could not do either one of these on him .This was the finished product >>>> we rode around town and walked around stores just to show off the face.

I am pretty pale. Sadly :( I always try for a tan but I have to fake it because I burn. I loved my hair and makeup in this picture! Black hair suits me so well because it covers quickly over my blonde hair and easy to quickly cover roots, which is my problem right now. I no longer have bangs either because I always seem to have a problem figuring out different things to do with them. Styling hair really isn't my strong suit and I want to try and change that either before or very soon after the baby comes. I don't want to be some ugly stressed out mommy. I'd like to at least be a GOOD looking stressed out mommy :) Also my favorite eyeshadow is on me! It's from MORBID, a pink color, no name, but it goes on AMAZING!

In the past however, I have done some experiments with my hair. This yarn was one of them. I was a very "gothic"/eclectic teenager. This idea was inspired by Vampirefreaks.com and going through some pictures and noticing that many girls had this in their hair. So I did a little research and found out how to do it. Braid your hair but leave enough space at the top for a needle with the yarn in it to go through. I had two friends doing this. In the pictures to the left you can see one of their hands and that the other one is working on one braid. The total braiding and yarning process took 8 HOURS!! My friends hated me to death so much for this but loved the way it turned out. I don't know if anyone has gone through the stage of being a trendsetter but I definitely was in high school and middle school. Due to having a lot of free roam with my hair and makeup I did most things first and a few others would usually follow and want to try it on themselves to see what it was really like. This hair was redone by a "friend" of mine, a male friend, and he completely bit off my style and never thanked me at least for telling him how to do it and giving him his hair style for our 4 years. All I wanted was a little recognition but hey, what can you really do. When it was put up it looked alot more awesome. Not very comfortable to sleep on but gave an amazing fashion statement!

Have you ever tried anything different or out there?

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