July 12, 2012

A New Edition To My Morning Routine; Keurig Elite Brewing System

As my blog name stats I live off love and coffee, and everyday I start my morning with a nice cup of coffee brewed from my Keurig. My previous was needing to be replaced, I only had one up selection and had to fill the water every time I wanted a cup. For Mother's Day, Keith blessed me with the beautiful Keurig Elite Brewing System. I love the option of two different cups sizes, I notice the difference immediately from my previous Keurig and love not having to brew twice. Sometimes though when I get a bigger cup or travel mug I do have to brew a big and small cup. Brews at the same fast speed I am used to with my previous model, and keeps me on happy momma on the go!

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    Who doesn't love brewed coffee in the morning? It keeps me on my feet and wide awake. It's a great way to start your day. I hope I can grab a brewer just like this one.